Online Metals offers net 30 day term credit accounts to qualified businesses.

Set Up An Online Metals Credit Account

Setting up your Online Metals Credit Account is easy. Simply download and complete the credit application below and return it to us via email at or via fax at +1.562.229.1599.

Email or fax your credit application after placing your first order. Credit applications are usually approved same day, so there's no need to send it to us in advance. If your application is approved, we'll process your payment as "Net 30" and e-mail your order confirmation. Otherwise, we'll call or email to let you know, and discuss other payment options.

Download Credit Application Forms

Click to download the required PDF forms. Email the complete forms to or send via fax at +1.562.229.1599.

Reseller Permits*

Please fax your reseller permit to +1.562.229.1599 Attn: Online Metals credit department or email to

*Customers in California, Connecticut, Ohio, Texas, Michigan, Georgia, and Washington need to submit their reseller permits before we are able to remove sales tax from orders. As soon as we receive your tax exemption permit, we will also set up your account login as tax exempt for future orders.

ACH Payment

Online Metals also offers payment though ACH or Electronic Funds Transfer. To pay your invoice through ACH or Electronic Funds Transfer, please follow these instructions:

Submit the payment to our bank account with your company name as it appears on your account in the “payment details” or “reference” section of the bank transfer form. Send an email to with:

  • The amount transferred
  • The date the transfer was completed
  • Your company name as it appears on the invoice
  • The invoice numbers that you are submitting payment for

Bank information for submitting a payment
BANK NAME: Citibank-NY
111 Wall Street
New York, NY 10005
TRANSIT/ABA #: 021000089
ACCOUNT NAME: ThyssenKrupp Online Metals, LLC
ACCOUNT #: 30729097

Please feel free to contact the credit department at +1.855.852.7223 or with any questions regarding ACH payment.

Where To Send Checks

Remit To Address:

ThyssenKrupp Online Metals LLC
PO Box 894118
Los Angeles, CA 90189-4118

Credit Department Phone: +1.855.852.7223 (toll free) or +1.562.215.4375

Credit FAQ:

Do I have to apply for credit first, before placing my order?
No. Place your order online first, and choose the “pay by purchase order” method of payment on the website. Then send in your completed and signed credit application to with your order number. Your application will be processed as soon as it is received and an order is placed.

Once I'm approved, will I have to change the way that I order?
No. You can still order right on the website. The only difference in the ordering process will be the payment method. Instead of entering a credit card payment, you will now be able to choose the purchase order method of payment at check out.

My company has a Credit Information Sheet, can I just send that to you?
Absolutely, however, we do still need a signed credit application with your company name and info completed at the top as well.

What are the terms?
Net 30 Days. Accounts are billed 30 days from the invoice date.

Do you offer any other credit terms besides Net 30?
No. ThyssenKrupp Online Metals only offers standard net 30 credit terms, or credit card/cash in advance terms at this time.

Does Online Metals have a minimum PO amount?
No. We specialize in small quantities, so we don’t have any minimum order requirements.

Late Payments:
Late payments result in your account being placed on credit hold, collection efforts and/or termination of credit terms.

I have a credit account with Copper and Brass Sales, do I need to fill out a separate application for Online Metals?
Yes. If you have an account with Copper and Brass Sales that is in good standing, we should be able to offer your company credit terms as well. However, we will still need a signed credit application on file as we are a separate legal entity.

Can I put Online Metals invoices on CBS checks?
No. We are a completely separate company, so we ask that you send payments for Online Metals separately to the remittance address on the invoice only. Combining payments will significantly delay your payment and could result in your account being placed on credit hold.

Any other questions?
Feel free to call the credit department at +1.855.852.7223 or customer service for questions about orders at +1.800.704.2157.