Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I buy my metals and plastics from

  Here's what our customers tell us they love about buying from us:
  • No minimum orders.
  • It is Fast, it is Easy, and it is Convenient.
  • In many cases it is less expensive to buy exactly what you need, rather than buying extra to satisfy a minimum order requirement.
  • We follow three basic rules in dealing with our customers:
    1. Be Transparent
    2. If You Say It, Do it
    3. Tell Bad News Fast

How do I get a quote?

  Here's the easy part - all of our prices are available online. You can browse our products by category, or, if you would prefer to search using more finite criteria, try the Product Search page

If you still don't find what you're looking for, use our Fast Quote to get a quick response to your inquiry.


How long after I place my orders will they be shipped?

  Any stock item ships same day if the order is submitted by noon. For questions on expediting orders please call 800-704-2157.



How do I calculate the shipping cost for the stuff I want?

  You don't need to do a thing. Our system automatically calculates shipping at check-out, based on various factors of your order. As you add or subtract items from your cart, our system recalculates all of the variables.

Factors in Shipping Costs:

    • Your zip code, how far is the item going
    • The weight and shape of the items that you are buying, etc.
    • Shipping carrier selected (free will call available in select areas)

Where will my material ship from?

  That depends on where you live. We currently have six OnlineMetals fulfillment facilities. For more info, check out our shipping map.

How long will delivery take?

  When you choose a shipping option, you are also choosing the time that it will take for delivery. UPS 2nd Day, for instance, will deliver 2 days after the order is shipped. Most of our customers are within 2-day shipping zone via UPS ground.

What's the biggest piece of material you can ship?

  On "Long" product, like rod, tube, bar, or pipe, the longest piece of material we can ship via UPS is 96". Note that UPS does charge a $5 handling fee on top of its regular charges for anything longer than 58".


On "Flat" product, like sheet and plate, the biggest piece we can ship via UPS is 36" x 48", but those dimensions can be, for lack of a better word, a little "fuzzy". If you're not sure about whether the size you want is shippable, please feel free to call us at (800) 704-2157.


How will my material be packaged to protect it during shipment?

  We've been doing this for a long time and have developed methods of packaging that ensure that your material will arrive safely. You can see pictures of our cutting and packaging here.

Does do metal bending, punching, or other fabrication?

  At this time, we do not provide any fabrication services other than cutting material to length. However, we have run across some machine shops with a presence on the web that may be able to provide assistance with machining or fabrication:
Name Location Contact Info

Quick Cut Precision Machining Bothell, WA
(425) 770-4413
Isaac at QuickCut is one of our favorite people. He does prototype to production work, including CNC, tool & fixture building, CAD/CAM, and and mechanical part design.

EDJ Precision Everett, WA
(866) 745-3937

Simple Machining Aloha, OR
(503) 705-8352

WJS Precision Fab Philadelphia, PA (215) 288-7944

Eric Gossard Ontario, CA (909) 467-0306


Do you have a printed catalog of the products available at

  Due to the fact that we are an on-line metals service center, and we are constantly adding products, we do not publish a catalog. All of the information on all of our products (including pricing) is available here on the web site.

Can ship via USPS?

  Yes, we now offer shipping via USPS!
If your order qualifies for USPS, this method will be presented along with the other UPS options. We use the small padded envelope to ship your order. Note: there are a number of variables that we consider when determining whether your order can ship USPS. Not all orders will be eligible depending on the weight, number of items, order value, US destination, and type of material.

Does accept COD orders?

  Sorry, we do not accept COD orders.
(We accept Credit Cards, Purchase Orders, and PayPal.)

Can I come in and pick stuff up?

  We have a Will Call department to serve you:
Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA, Toledo, OH, Wallingford, CT, Seattle, WA and Los Angeles, CA.
Get the addresses for our will call locations

I need 14 gauge sheet. Do you have that?

  Maybe. There are a number of different competing gauge standards (14 gauge brass is not the same thickness as 14 gauge copper or 14 gauge stainless). On individual product listings, we do have the gauge listed (where that information is available). As a long-term proposition, though, you should design and order in decimals (i.e. .032") as there is less chance for errors.

I'm making a backsplash for my stove. What thickness should I be using?

  Most of our customers have had good results in Copper, Brass, and Stainless using material that is at or near .024" thick.
Have you visited our Interior Design page yet?

How should I attach the metal I'm using as a backsplash to the oven, wall, or other surface?

  We've had reports of very good results using Liquid Nails. The material can also be screwed to the wall.

Are you a scrap company?

  Heck no! We buy new material, and cut it to your specifications. We know exactly where it came from, and can provide certifications to prove it!