Hdpe Marine Board

Marine Board is manufactured to withstand harsh outdoor marine environments and does not splinter, crack, delaminate, rot, swell or absorb water. Marine Board is UV-stabilized and maintenance free as it does not require any stain or paint and is very easy to clean.
Marine Board is easy to fabricate with standard wood working tools and can be used for many applications, including:
•Drink Holders & Cushion Backs
•Rod Holders, Fish Cutting Stations, Tackle Centers & Bait Well Covers
•Spacers and Wedges
•Deck Components & Recess Hatches
•Equipment Mounts
•Cockpit Covers
•Cabinets and Countertops
•Doors, Frames & Thresholds
•Swimming pool equipment & Dive Platforms
•Trim and Molder
•Steps and Ladder Rails

View the "Plastic Guide" for grades, shapes & various properties.

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