0.005" O60 (Soft) C110 Copper Foil

Part #: 13550

0.005" 060 (Soft) C110 Copper Foil is frequently used for most electrical applications, including circuitry, transformers, batteries and other electronics. 

Its electrical conductivity is virtually incomparable. C100 is weldable and has a high corrosion resistance.

View our "Guide to Copper" for available grades, shapes and additional information.

Dimensions Weight/Square Foot: 0.2318 lbs
Dimension Name Value
Thickness 0.005"
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    Weight/Square Foot
    0.2318 pounds
    Chemistry Information: 110 Copper
    Element Percentage
    Cu 99.9
    O 0.04

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Selected Product: 0.005" O60 (Soft) C110 Copper Foil

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