Metric Policy

In order to make sure we're clear on what we can and cannot do with respect to metric sized materials, we've come up with the following couple of points.

  • When we purchase material from our vendors, we do so in English units only (i.e. inches, feet, etc.)
  • We've recognized that converting inches to metric units (mm, cm, etc.) is just a matter of math, and that we are pretty good at math.
  • While the conversion factors between inches and millimeters are well known, the results can be a little messy. For instance, 1-3/8 inch=34.92 mm.
  • As a result, we've decided to offer our customers the option of seeing our product offerings displayed in millimeters,with two caveats:
  • We will only guarantee the material in inches, and any tolerance specifications will be in inches only.
  • In addition, any cutting we do to materials will be specified in inches only.