Thicknesses of common household items

One of our favorite questions is "how thick is this compared to ____?" (note - we don't get out a lot).

Well, we found a pair of digital micrometers and started measuring things, here in the office so that we could answer that question.

Please note that all of this information is for reference only - your experience may (and probably will) vary, because as we've written before, all of us failed shop class, and digital micrometers, while fun to use, can be dangerous in our hands.

Now that the disclaimers are out of the way, on to the list...
Penny 0.059"
Nickel 0.074"
Dime 0.053"
Quarter 0.063"
$100 Bill 0.0043"
Sheet of copier paper 0.003"
Ballpoint pen (you know, the standard white tube pen.) 0.319"
Standard paperclip (the diameter of the wire.) 0.031"
DVD-R 0.047"
Wire Coat Hanger 0.078"
Household Aluminum Foil (or "Tin Foil") 0.0006"
Washington State Driver's License 0.029"
Our IT guy's big toe (nevermind, he wouldn't stand still) ?
NES Game Cartridge 0.59"
Human Hair Varies

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